Beltrami Co. Sheriff Ernie Bittle celebrated his retirement from law enforcement

After 38 years, Sheriff Ernie Battle is now retired after a long career in law enforcement. Beitel’s retirement celebration was held Friday at the Bemidji Law Enforcement Center.

After announcing his retirement last year, Beatle will step down from the Beltrami County Sheriff’s office, but without looking back at the accomplishments made during his tenure.

Beitel entered law enforcement in 1984 with the Glenwood Police Department. After serving in Pine River and Cass County, he eventually found his way to the Beltrami County Sheriff’s Department in 1995.

When I first started here, [Beitel] Beltrami County Sheriff-elect Jason Riggs explained that it was kind of like a “doer.” “He’s rolling in the pits with you to make that happen.”

“He was very personable,” Beltrami County Deputy Chief Jarrett Walton said. He was always unafraid to get his hands dirty, stay abreast of what was going on, and offer advice and leadership.

Beatle’s major accomplishments in his single tenure as Beltrami County Sheriff include navigating the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, dealing with political protests in the area following the killing of George Floyd, and breaking away from a multimillion-dollar startup process. Is. The prison project

Now, Beitel must learn what life is like without a badge.

Asked about his plans, Beatle said: “I want to, you know, I want to spend the first month here and re-plan, find out what it’s like to be retired and not work. I just want to thank all the hard working men and women at the Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office. “It’s been an honor, it’s been a privilege, and I’m truly humbled to serve with them.”

Riggs, who was chosen as Beltrami County’s next sheriff, will be sworn in Jan. 3.

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