E-cigarettes to election law, what passed in lame duck

A ban on transgender girls playing for female sports teams failed in the final hours of Ohio’s two-year legislative session, but major changes to election laws passed. No new laws were passed on abortion, nor was a plan to make it harder to amend Ohio’s state constitution.

We break down what it all means in this week’s episode of Ohio Politics Explained.

A podcast from the USA TODAY Network Ohio Bureau that catches you up on the state’s political news in 15 minutes or less. This week, host Anna Staver was joined by reporter Jessie Balmert.

1) The unraveling of a massive education bill

A plan to change who oversees K-12 education in Ohio unraveled early Thursday morning.

The 2,200-page bill would have taken control over statewide education policy from the partially elected State Board of Education and given it to the governor’s office. Both Democrats and Republicans had reservations about the change and the speed with which this bill moved.