How to manage accident insurance from registration to application

Insurance BlogHow to manage accident insurance from registration to application

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The way to deal with accident insurance from purchase, payment of insurance premium to loss is actually almost the same as other insurances. However, claims will be slightly different because there are multiple accident risks that have different methods of filing a claim.

For those of you who already have accident insurance or are interested in purchasing this insurance product, there is nothing wrong with checking the procedure in the following article.

How to take care of accident insurance to register

To have accident insurance, you must first register online. In Roojai you can do this only through your smartphone or laptop.

After opening the official page, you have to answer some short questions. You can also have protection tailored to your needs and budget. If so, you only need to choose one premium payment method.

After that, you only need to pay the insurance premium via money order, debit card, credit card or virtual account in installments up to 12 months. Affordable enough right?

How to handle accident insurance claims

In addition to knowing how to handle accident insurance from purchase to payment, you must also know how to handle accident insurance claims. like how In the following, we will provide a complete explanation of the accident insurance claims based on the risks and insurance claims.

1. How to arrange traffic accident insurance in Jasa Raharja

Jasa Raharja is a social insurance company with the status of a state-owned enterprise (BUMN). This insurance is intended for road users including private vehicle passengers, public transport passengers and pedestrians.

It is divided into two types of passenger accident insurance, public transportation equipment and third party legal liability insurance according to Law No. 33 of 1964.

In order to take care of accident insurance, you must prepare a number of damage documents, which include:

  1. Accident certificate from local police traffic unit.
  2. Death certificate from hospital (for death claim).
  3. The family brings the original identity of the victim like KTP and KK.
  4. Go to Jasa Raharja office and fill the application form.

In addition, for injured victims, you can add accident certificates from the police, receipts for medical expenses and medicines.

2. How to arrange personal accident insurance

Personal accident insurance covers the risk of death, serious injuries, accidental surgery, minor injuries, permanent disability and temporary disability. To apply for personal accident insurance, it is generally as follows:

  1. Filling the application form can be offline or online.
  2. The original of the doctor’s statements about the medical procedures performed, including the doctor’s autopsy.
  3. Photocopy of birth certificate such as KTP.
  4. Insurance policy and other supporting documents

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3. How to take care of BPJS occupational accident insurance

Work accident insurance is a type of insurance that guarantees the risk of accidents at work or outside the work environment. As for the types of work accident insurance, there are BPJS organized by the government and private insurance.

Here’s how to take care of BPJS Ketenagakerjaan accident insurance:

  1. Prepare and carry a doctor’s certificate to claim accidents.
  2. Photocopy of all supporting examination results (if applicable).
  3. Bring a photocopy of BPJS employment participation card.
  4. Bring receipts for medical and care expenses.
  5. Police certificate if required
  6. Complete the document by bringing a photocopy of the identity.

4. How to arrange airplane accident insurance

Flying with commercial airplanes has an insurance guarantee from the government and airlines. Meanwhile, the family can claim for personal accident insurance, life insurance, health insurance and travel insurance in case of unwanted risks.

The ways to apply for plane accident insurance are as follows:

  1. Official airline ticket
  2. Proof of checked baggage
  3. air bill of lading
  4. Other supporting evidence that can be explained.
  5. After completing all the items, start submitting the claim with the initial step of filling the application form.
  6. Attach all the required documents including the accident certificate to the death certificate/hospital certificate.
  7. Identity of the victim such as photocopy of KTP or KK and marriage certificate.
  8. Customer’s insurance policy in case of purchasing travel insurance.

This is a complete explanation of how to set up accident insurance. Make sure you are also protected with this insurance. Otherwise, Roojai Indonesia offers personal accident insurance with protection against financial risks in the event of an accident. Learn more about this protection to fully understand the protection and the benefits it offers.