What is hospitalization benefit insurance?

Insurance BlogWhat is hospitalization benefit insurance?

Of course, you want you and your family to always be healthy and not get sick. However, sometimes the disease appears unexpectedly. Unhealthy lifestyles that have been abandoned for a long time in the past, such as smoking and not exercising, can have bad effects in the future. Exposure to viruses or germs in public places you visit can weaken your immune system in a short period of time. Or does a lot of work keep you up late often? Your body can to release So the need for hospitalization Have you ever heard the phrase or meme among the hardworking workers of big cities, that is, “work, work, work, typhoid?”? You don’t have to be like that, okay!

Well, one of the things that most of us worry about when it comes to hospitalization is how much it will cost. Do you know that hospital costs increase year by year? According to a survey of insurance companies, hospital costs have experienced an increase or inflation of 10 percent, even projected to increase to 14 percent in 2022. Oops!

How much does hospitalization cost? Room fees, general practitioner consultation, specialist doctor consultation, laboratory tests, treatments such as surgery, medicines, etc. If we want to have the best services for ourselves and our family, the cost of hospitalization will certainly be higher. However, don’t worry. Like getting an umbrella before it rains, you should have insurance that covers the above-mentioned hospitalization expenses. So what is Hospital Indemnity Insurance or what is often known as a Hospital Cash Plan (HCP)?

Definition of hospitalization benefit insurance

There are different types of health insurance, one of which is important for you is Hospital Cash Plan (HCP). This type of insurance covers all expenses of the patient (insured) admitted to the hospital. These costs include the cost of treatment rooms per day, consultations with general practitioners and specialists, laboratory tests, medicines, etc. As the name of this insurance suggests, it does not cover outpatient expenses that are not related to hospitalization.

All the above costs will be borne by the insurance company (policy holder) according to the agreement that has been approved by the customer (policy holder). As an insurance customer, make sure you understand what expenses are covered by your hospitalization benefits insurance.

Are there exceptions for hospital expenses that are not covered or unclaimed? You should also know which disease points are not tolerated. Then, you should know how to submit a claim, okay? There is indemnity insurance that needs to be claimed with a refundwhile others give cards to customers to claim No cash Direct at the hospital Oh yes, also make sure you are treated at the hospital with your insurance company partner.

The reason for the importance of hospitalization benefit insurance

Basically, insurance is important as financial protection when a risk occurs. You know that getting sick and being hospitalized is a kind of financial risk. If you need treatment by health workers, it means you have to pay a lot of money. Hospital indemnity insurance can be your financial savior. By paying affordable premiums, you will get benefits that will make your life easier.

Below is a list of benefits that you will experience if you have Hospitalization Benefits Insurance:

1. Financial support for yourself and your family

Is it still single Or already have a family, indemnity insurance acts as financial support. You don’t need to empty your emergency fund, let alone save, to pay for hospital expenses. Your insurance company will cover the costs according to the contents of your insurance policy. After receiving treatment in the hospital and returning home, you can return to your normal life without worrying about the content of your savings.

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2. Get the medical treatment you need

By using this insurance, you can guarantee the medical treatment you need during hospitalization for you and your family. One of the concerns experienced during hospitalization is surgery, X-ray, ultrasound, CT scan and more. With inpatient indemnity insurance, these actions will be the responsibility of the insurance company. But remember, all benefits still apply to the policy you have.

3. Completing the payment of hospitalization expenses

With hospitalization indemnity insurance, you can pay for all the expenses incurred during hospitalization. In fact, when you have advantages Hospital cash plan which also acts as additional insurance, you can submit a claim even if all hospital charges are covered by your primary insurance (BPJS or others). In this way, you can pay for expenses outside of hospitalization, such as food for the family accompanying you in the hospital, parking fees, etc.

4. Replacement of lost income

Hospitalization means you cannot work. Especially for startup entrepreneurs (budding entrepreneurs) Casual workers and employees who receive daily allowance only by visiting the office, treatment of illness means losing part or all of their income. With inpatient indemnity insurance, this lost income can be replaced with daily cash benefits. The amount of this daily cash compensation depends on the contents of your insurance policy.

You really want a life without too much worry and worry. By having a hospital indemnity insurance policy, you will have this feeling of security. If you or a family member needs to go to the emergency room (ER) and stay in the hospital for a few days, the costs will be covered by the insurance company. You can be assured that you or your family will receive the treatment and services you need to get back to your health and activities as usual.

Daily cash compensation for hospitalization

Hospital cash plan Roojai Indonesia can be an additional insurance to the main insurance you have (BPJS or others). There are several HCP benefits that you can determine the type and amount for yourself, namely:

  1. Daily cash compensation up to IDR 2,000,000.00 (two million IDR) per day you are hospitalized.
  2. Intensive Care Unit (ICU) cash compensation of up to Rp 1,500,000 – (one million five hundred thousand rupiah) per day for you to receive ICU treatment in the hospital.
  3. If re-hospitalization is required for the same case, compensation for further treatment (hospitalization) up to INR 900,000 (Nine Hundred Thousand Rupees) per day (maximum 20 days).
  4. Compensation for surgery costs up to IDR 15,000,000 (Rs. fifteen million).

Apart from the above benefits, Hospital cash plan It also gives you an opportunity to pay cheaper premiums by reducing the number of days of hospitalization benefits. Come, take your time to read more about Hospital Cash Plan Insurance or Hospital Cash Plan from Roja Indonesia.

So, you already know what is indemnity insurance. Have this financial support so that you do not regret when you see the amount of hospitalization bills. You certainly want to feel safe and provide the best facilities for yourself and your family. Now is the time to do it.