Work accident insurance: benefits, how to buy and claim it

Insurance BlogWork accident insurance: benefits, how to buy and claim it

Work accident insurance is a type of insurance that covers all risks during work. Occupational accident insurance is similar to personal accident insurance.

What kind of special insurance for administrative and field workers? In the following, we will fully explain the meaning, benefits and how to claim it!

Definition of work accident insurance

Before looking deeper into work accident insurance, it is good to know what is work accident insurance. The definition of work accident insurance is insurance intended for workers. This insurance provides a guaranteed amount or compensation if the employee has an accident while working or on the way to work.

There are two options for occupational accident insurance in Indonesia, the Occupational Accident Insurance Program (JKK) administered by the government through BPJS Employment or BPJamsostek and private occupational accident insurance from insurance companies.

Employment Security Regulations from Employment BPJS

The existence of work accident insurance or work accident insurance is part of the rights of employees protected by law in Indonesia. The governing laws are Government Regulation No. 44 of 2015 on the implementation of work accident safety and death safety programs.

In these government regulations, JKK or occupational accident insurance is described as a benefit in the form of cash and/or health services provided if the participant suffers an accident or illness caused by the work environment.

The job security benefits in the 2015 regulations have changed after the issuance of Government Regulation No. 82 in 2019 regarding the amendments to PP No. 44 of 2015 regarding the implementation of work accident safety and death safety programs.

Benefits of work accident insurance

Work accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. This makes the existence of work accident insurance very important for every employee. Having this insurance, every worker feels financially secure.

Some of the benefits of work accident insurance are:

  • The cost of health care and treatment in the event of a work accident.
  • death compensation
  • Monthly compensation as an income replacement for a certain period according to the provisions of the insurance policy.

Meanwhile, the benefits offered by JKK from the BPJamsostek program include:

  • Wage compensation when not working is 100% for the first 6 months, 75% for the second 6 months and 50% until recovery.
  • Compensation for death caused by a work accident is 48 times the salary reported by the company (employer) or the participant’s family.
  • Scholarship for a child of a participant who died or became disabled due to a work accident is 12 million Rials.

Conditions and how to buy work accident insurance

Whichever work accident insurance provider you choose, there are general requirements that must be met in order to have this insurance protection. For your information, work accident insurance is usually a facility provided by the company.

However, if the company you work for does not offer this facility or only offers BPJS employment, you can purchase it independently. Here are some of the requirements to have work accident insurance:

  • Fill out the work accident insurance application form.
  • ID cards such as KTP or SIM.
  • Documents or other requirements required

After completing the documents, you can buy work accident insurance, which is similar to buying other insurances such as life insurance or health insurance. Individuals or companies can complete all registration procedures in insurance companies.

After that, you can visit an insurance company or go online to fill out the required forms and data. The insurer then processes insurance purchases submitted by individuals or companies.

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How to apply for work accident insurance

Of course, applying for work accident insurance is somewhat different in each insurance company. It will be easier if the insured who has a work accident and wants to make a claim, first calls the insurance company’s call center.

But the things that should be considered regarding work accident insurance claims are as follows:

  1. Report work incidents as soon as possible.
  2. Write down or report when the incident occurred, including the time and location of the incident.
  3. Complete the required documents for claims such as identity etc.
  4. If applying online, submit or upload the document.

Meanwhile, for hospital treatment, the insured only needs to visit a partner hospital for cashless claims. For clinics that do not partner with an insurance company, the insured usually pays for the treatment first, then claims reimbursement.

Work accident insurance benefits are huge and help us financially, right?

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